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Yesterday I wrote about what I feel makes a great iPhone app, or app for any device for that matter.

It seems like now, getting your own app is all the rage. I’m not sure I blame anyone for wanting their own app. Do I want an app? Sure. Do I need my own app? Probably not. Why would I want an app? Because I can then say that I have an app and I can tell all my friends and my parents to download it. I’m sure that’s probably not a good enough reason to launch my own app.

So, I know several people who have recently launched new iPhone apps. Some I’ve kept. Others I’ve deleted after opening once. What makes for an app that I’ll keep versus and app that I’ll delete?

  1. If it’s a good app, I’ll keep it.
  2. If you’re a good friend, I’ll probably keep it on my screen for a few months, even if I never really open it.

If you’ve already created an app or are thinking about it, I’m really just trying to help you here. Why waste the money and time if people don’t keep your app or continue to use it. Although I said a lot of this in my previous post, here are things to consider.

  • If your app is just a “app-like” version of your website, I’m probably not going to keep it. I probably don’t hang out on your website all that much, so why would I need the app.
  • If your app is just a place to get your twitter and blog feed, I’m probably not going to keep your app as I already have apps to download twitter and blog feeds.
  • If your app doesn’t feature engaging features or regularly changing content, I’m probably not going to keep your app.
  • If I can do everything on your app that I can do on your website that I don’t visit more than once every day or so, I’m probably not going to keep your app.

So, as you’re thinking (or rethinking) your app, consider some of the things I mentioned above and in my previous post. I want to like your app and I want to keep your app. However, if it doesn’t engage me or have something that will draw me in every few days (minimum) that I can’t easily get from any of my other apps), then I’m not going to keep the app.