070423_blogging_monkeyIn recent months I’ve had a handful of people ask me why I blog as much as I do. Actually, more people ask how I blog as much as I do. The average Children’s Ministry blogger pushes out 2-5 posts a week where I push out 2-4 a day. Some of you will notice that the tempo has really picked up since Christmas. Well, there is a reason for the blogging insanity and I guess I’ll let you in on the motivation behind the posts.

My name is Kenny Conley and I’m addicted to goals.

That’s pretty much it. I love goals. I have grand goals in my life as well as silly little meaningless goals that I set each day. As often as I can, I’ll do just about anything to reach a goal that I set for myself. I’m not like this with everything or every goal, just in the things that are important to me.

So, last year on this blog’s 2nd birthday, I assessed the number of posts I wrote that year and set a goal for year two. I set other goals as well, but the big one I really wanted to hit was to write my 1000th post by the end of year two. That would mean 550 post in 365 days. Based on my writing frequency, that goal was totally doable. Even four months into the year, I was well ahead of schedule. However, during the summer and fall months, I fell behind. I think I assumed I was far enough ahead that it wouldn’t matter. I was wrong.

The week after Christmas I realized how far behind I was. I saw that I would need to write on average, 2-3 posts every day to hit my goal. I was a little frustrated as I realized there was little chance in me pulling that off. However, a day or two passed and I thought to myself, “I can do this.” So, since Christmas, I’ve been at a break-neck pace of hitting my goal of 550 post by the end of the 2nd year. My plan is to post my 1000th post on April 3rd. My blog turns three on April 4th. I’m also committed to writing quality posts. I’ve tried to limit the silly posts, I don’t want to pad the blog with meaningless content.

So where am I now.

Where do I stand now? This post is likely post #960. That’s only 40 more posts to go. Although I’ll have at least 5-10 posts already written by the time this post publishes, I’ve still got 30-35 more to write. Only 13 more days to go, that’s a little more than 2-2.5 posts a day. Almost there. Almost there.

BTW, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.

Obvious followup question: do you plan to slow down a little after hitting April 4th?