iphone_34 No, I’m not a hater. Really, I just don’t want one. Actually, it’s not that I don’t want one, it’s just that the iPone isn’t what I want in a phone…yet. I’ve read lots of other blogs where people share their love and excitement for the iPhone. Well, here are my thoughts:

Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPhone is genius. Those guys at Apple keep turning the industry on its head. It’s the best web web viewing experience I’ve ever seen in a phone. The design is nearly flawless. Control is amazing. Truly, as far as a device is concerned, it is near perfect. And it’s the cheapest data plan around.

However, here is why I’m out on the iPhone:

  • The initial $600 price. Yikes! When it dropped to $400, it was much better, but still too much for my blood.
  • Locked in contract. Makes me want to punch them in the face and congratulate them at the same time. Typically when you sign a contract, you get a heavily discounted price on device. The only time you pay full price for a device is when you don’t want to be on contract. Apple charges you full price and requires a two year contract. First of all, they’re making money off the contract as well (I don’t know of any other devices that do). Second of all, they’re profitable on the phone when it sells for $400. Yeah, they’re making bank. I don’t hate them for this… actually I respect them for it. They made a device so desired that people are willing to do what they’d never do for any other phone device. Way to go Apple… I just don’t want it that bad.
  • Not yet what it’s going to be… For me it’s too early. That’s okay for those of you who already have one. I don’t have anything against the early adopters. If it weren’t for them, they product wouldn’t survive long enough to become the device I want. I would imagine that the second generation iPhone is going to be hard for anyone to turn away.

Yeah, that’s about it. The iPhone is pretty desirable, but not enough for me to shell out the cash for something I’d rather have in another year or two… and probably at a better price. Right now the iPhone options are 8GB or 16GB. In the next 12-18 months when you can get a 32GB iPhone on a 3G cell network… I might just be in. For now I’m still find using my Cingular 8125 and when that contract is up I may consider the Blackjack II. It’s already on the 3G network and is a good device.

My compromise? I have an iPod Touch. My brother got it for me for Christmas. I had already planned to snag this when the 32GB came out and came down in price. Now the 32GB is out, but still more than I’d be willing to pay. But, I do LOVE my iPod touch. My wife does do… she got my old iPod and is happy too!

Regardless of whether you are a lover or hater, you’ve got to love this video:

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