Well, we had a handful of tweets go out as well as some really great comments on the original post. If you’re looking for some great Easter ideas, I’d recommend reading through some of the comments. So for every daily tweet, I put the name in the virtual hat. For every comment, I also put a name in the virtual hat. Last of all, I chose one idea that I liked the most and put it in the hat five times.

The idea I liked the most was from Kim with the Maundy Thursday Family Service. I’ll be honest, I’ve grown up in the church my entire life and have never heard of Maundy Thursday. I love the concept, especially how they’ve created a family experience around it. I’ll say that the second idea I liked was Susan’s idea with all the crosses in the yard, so thanks for adding that. So, Kim I put your name in an additional five times.

So, I ran all the names through a simple randomizer at random.org, and the winner is…

Kim! Woo hoo! Congrats to you! I’ll get with you later one details. Remember, you can still pick up this great resource here.