Last week I posted that I was giving away a handful of books from Jim Wideman and his first Infuse group. In case you missed my post, you can read it here.

The first two people to tweet were:

  • Ryan Morrison
  • Jared Massey

Congrats guys. Thanks for getting the word out.

Secondly, I said I’d give out the remaining books via a randomized list. Several promoted the book as well as the upcoming Illuminate Conferences in Austin and Birmingham. So, the winners of the additional books are:

  • Alex Miranda
  • Braden Clark
  • Virginia (I don’t know your last name)

Woo hoo. I’ll be in touch with all of you to get your books to you.

Below are the results of the randomized lists. I only hit randomize once, I promise! For those of you who didn’t win… or didn’t play, I do encourage you to go out and pick up a copy. You can buy it here.