I’m as goal-driven as they come.

I have goals around just about every area of my life.

  • I have financial goals.
  • I have reading goals.
  • I have spiritual goals.
  • I have health goals.
  • I have work goals.

Goals are important. Goals are critical. But wins are better.

Without wins, you are less likely to achieve your goals. For instance, let’s say the sports team you play for has a goal of winning the national championship. What is necessary to achieve this goal? Winning every game. It’s multiple, incremental wins that lead to achieving goals. Without wins, goals don’t happen.

Goals are important, but wins are better.

One of the main differences between goals and wins is the short-term immediacy of wins versus the long-term commitment to goals. My goal may be to lose eight pounds this month. That’s a hard goal and all along the way, I can be overwhelmed by the challenge. However, a daily win that is quick, simple, and measurable is not having a Grande Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks this morning. See how easy that was.

You have both short and long-term goals for your ministry. It’s unlikely that your volunteer teams will become highly engaged in your ministry goals. They might like them and be inspired by them, but their involvement is more limited as a volunteer. They’re going to show up and do something. They’re unlikely to “strive towards something over time.” This is the beauty of a clearly defined win. Since volunteers are going to show up and do something, we can clarify wins for our volunteers when they show up. When more and more volunteers win on a weekly basis, it drives us toward achieving our goals. Also, when a volunteer knows what it takes to win every single Sunday, they’re more likely to feel successful.

A few years ago I was touring Woodstock City Church (a North Point Community Church campus). I was in the elementary large group area when I came across this picture hanging on the wall. I’d seen it before and I think it’s one of the greatest things ever.

IMG_0016Production Wins:

Producer: To provide LEADERSHIP and CONNECT relationally with a team of VOLUNTEERS to ensure the BEST possible large group EXPERIENCE.

Host: To bring out LAUGHTER and EMOTION in kids through GAMES and HUMOR in large group.

Worship Team: To LEAD kids with ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM to WORSHIP GOD for who he is and what he’s done.

Tech Team: To ENHANCE the bible story and worship EXPERIENCE through sound, lights, and video WITHOUT distracting the audience.

Storyteller: To COMMUNICATE the BIBLE STORY in such a way that it BECOMES UNFORGETTABLE to a child.

Backstage Manager: To COMMUNICATE with the producer to MANAGE the TRAFFIC of PEOPLE and PROPS though each production segment.

Think about this for a minute:

  • What if every nursery caregiver knew the one thing they needed to do on Sunday that was considered a win?
  • What if every check-in volunteer knew what it took to win?
  • What if every Small Group Leader knew how to win EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY?

Your goals are awesome (I’m sure). However, take some time to define and clarify the wins for every one of your volunteers. Taking time to do this puts you in a better position to reach every one of your ministry goals.

Wins are better than goals!