Yesterday I was doing a little research. I have a phone appointment in a week with someone who is attending our church and has left her Catholic roots. In the past, Church was always a “thing” to do…and not really enjoyed. But now she and her family look forward to coming to Gateway every week and they are growing in their relationship with Christ. She has two kids and she in a bit of a precarious spot. They know they’re in the right place here at Gateway, but due to her deep rooted past, she’s really nervous about not having her kids observe the sacraments (ie. Confirmation, Communion etc…). It’s just that part of letting go, but still being concerned with the “what if I’m wrong… am I screwing up my kids’ eternity?

So, I was doing a little research and I came across this web site.

You go St. Ignatius!

I don’t know if this is an effort of the Catholic Church to better engage with what is culturally relevant, or just an opportunity for some who are Catholic that want to show their faith in a relevant way. I give them props for making the effort. If I was Catholic, I’d be all over the brown “Sacred Heart of Jesus” Tee or the “Romantic Catholic” hoodie.

Bellow are images of some of my favorites. Oh and if I saw someone wearing the St. Francis shirt with the rope around the waist, I can’t say I wouldn’t laugh at them. Oh, and I’m kinda cracking up at the “today I’ll stay pure” shirt that is printed backwards to remind you to stay pure when you see it in the mirror.

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