I’ve been putting this of for quite a while, but it’s long overdue. I have really like my blog theme, but I feel it’s time for a new look. In addition, setting up a new template for my church blog really inspired me. So, I’ve already got the new template (yes, it is a “premium” template). However, in addition to the new look, I’m doing quite a bit of maintenance.

  1. I’m moving my blog into my root directory. In case you don’t speak geek, I’ll explain. Right now the address to my blog is www.childrensministryonline.com/blog. I always thought I might have another set of pages at the root location, www.childrensoministryonline.com. However, now days the blogs are much more flexible with static pages, so I want to use these built in stateic pages in the root directory. So, that means I’ll move the entire site down one folder. I’ve got well over 400 posts, so there are a lot of     links.
  2. SEO. Again, for you non-geek speakers, that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Turns out that even though WordPress asks for tags, post title and such, it doesn’t post this to the meta data. Do, I have a plug in where I can type these things and they are added to the sites actual meta data. This means it’s easier to find in a search engine. So, I’m going backwards and re typing comments, post titles and descriptions for all 400+ posts. It’s going to take a while, but I feel it needs to happen.
  3. Re-categorize. This summer when I was trying to “fix” my website, I wrecked havoc on categories. I’m still trying to clean them up. I have about 20 categories that are blank, yet many of my posts are in this category.

Well, all these thigns are going to take some time. So, I hope to have all the changes made by the time I go to Orange. I got a surge in web traffic last year at Orange, so I wnat to get the site all pretty for all the readers April/May.