I know a good blogger isn’t supposed to write blog posts apologizing for not blogging more. Supposedly it’s tacky. I was just afraid that some of the CMO readers thought that one of my resolutions for this year is to blog less. Oh contraire. The honest truth. I was pretty sure the end of the world was coming, so I just lost all motivation to blog. Now that I know we’re safe, at least until the Choctaw apocalypse prediction of 2017, I should be much more active on the old blog!

It’s been a busy season for Kenny Conley. I traveled a lot in the Fall. I had opportunities to speak at a handful of conferences and meet with hundreds of ministry leaders in multiple states. It was a very fruitful season of ministry and connections.

Then in December, I had a bunch of yard work to do. Yes, in Texas, December is the perfect time to do yard work. I still got to wear shorts, but I didn’t sweat as much. Earlier this year I wrote about my stupid yard and the things you learn about growing grass. Let me just tell you. Front lawns are totally over rated. So in December I xeriscaped my front yard. That’s right, see ya later grass. Actually, I kept the 25% grass required by the HOA, but the rest is a rock, mulch and shrub heaven.

Lastly, I’ve been busy gearing up for Illuminate. It’s going to be an amazing season of training and equipping. We’re anticipating 1500-2000 people attending 5 events this winter/spring. If you live in any of the areas we’re going to, be sure to come and bring some of your volunteers.

Well, how’s that for the first post of 2013. I’ll be back with some incredible kidmin content next week!