Last Sunday (yeah, I said last Sunday… I’m behind and catching up) I stood on stage and recruited new volunteers.


Yeah, I know. It is something I speak against, but I’m not going to apologize.

Actually, it was my first opportunity to be introduced to my church. Two weeks earlier it was announced that the previous Children’s Pastor had resigned and would be moving to Colorado in two weeks. A lot of people thought that I was his replacement. So, it was a good opportunity for me to introduce myself and explain my new role.

Second, I had the opportunity to share a little vision. On August 24th we’re promoting for the next year and also launching over 30 small groups in our elementary program The relational element has been missing here and is certainly a felt need. So, I got to share how we’re launching small groups and how our passion is that every child be connected relationally to a small group of peers and an adult leaders.

Last of all, I told people that now is the best time of all to join the CM team. There was a piece in the program that they could fill out and drop in the offering or they could come and meet me in person after the services. We had a good response and about half of those who responded did so in person. I got to put some names to faces and shake some hands.

Here’s the deal, I’m at a huge disadvantage as I know very few people. On Sunday, I connected personally with about 20 people who are dying to plug into the kids ministry. That was great for my situation. However, I also understand that many of those people won’t make it to a serving team. A push from the stage just isn’t nearly as effective as a personal invite. So, I’m meeting with as many as I can over a meal, coffee or whatever to increase my odds and build my network.

We’re probably going to do one more of these style pushes in the early fall. Then no more. We’re banning ministry recruiting from the stage. We’ll use other methods… more effective methods. My goal though is to make some kind of presentation 4 times a year from the stage. Simply a video or testimony that shows how ministry to kids is totally rockin’! No ask… just showing off. If anything, I want serving in our ministry to be attractive to the casual attendee, not something we’re begging for help from the stage several times a year.

Oaky, so go ahead. I still did it, even if I did have a good excuse… and I’m probably doing it one more time in the fall. Feel free to tell me what you really think, I can take it. 😛