IMG_5621 I hope this got your attention. As someone who loves seeing kids come to Christ, I get very excited about this. I imagine you would too. So, please read the paragraph below and click on the links. All of this will only take 3-4 minutes and you’ll get a glimpse of something very powerful happening in the lives of kids… just a few thousand miles away.

On of my best friends, Joel and Heidi Hayslip, are full time missionaries in Burkina Faso, West Africa. It’s a very poor, land-locked county. Well over 90% of the population are Muslim, but Christians are free to minister in this country, actually anyone coming to love on their people are welcomed. Joel and Heidi specifically feel called to the Fulani, one of the largest people groups in this part of Africa. They’re a nomadic group that have been extremely difficult to connect with. Over the past few years, Joel and Heidi’s team have developed an amazing strategy to reach people in Burkina Faso.

For the most part, kids are somewhat of an afterthought. People don’t pay any attention to them. However, when someone does something special for the kids, everyone takes notice. Funny, huh? Well, Joel and Heidi will adopt a region every year (an assortment of villages covering 15-20 square miles). They will ask all the pastors in that region (anywhere from 10-15 churches) to send someone who will be the children’s pastor. Joel and Heidi will take these 10-15 children’s pastors back to the capital city for two weeks of intense children’s pastors training. They teach them how to teach kids the Bible, sing songs, start kids clubs and introduce them to Jesus. After the two weeks of training, they go back and start their clubs. Then at Christmas, Joel and Heidi will bring a large team to that region to do a Give A Kid A Christmas Outreach. They’d visit all the schools in the region where every kid will get a gift (the first time ever for most of these kids) and see a presentation of the Gospel performed by the children’s pastors. After the outreach, the Children’s Pastors follow up with all the kids and their kids clubs mushroom in size. Hundreds and hundreds of kids are coming to the Lord. Many of these kids come home to their Muslim parents to endure beatings becasuse they’ve become Christians. However, there have been many stories of parents giving up because their kids are determined to follow Jesus. This is hardcore!

Well, Joel and Heidi and their team just finished training several Children’s Pastors from the region called Dori. In Dori there is a very large concentration of the Fulani. The new Children’s Pastors have a heart to reach out to Fulani children (this is rare) even though they are from a different people group and speak a different language than their own. However, already every kids club is already running 70-100 kids each. Some clubs are taking place in front of the Mayors house as well as at the public school. Amazing things are going to happen!!!

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