Several weeks ago I discovered YouVersion. It’s a project being developed by the guys at LifeChurch. It’s actually a really amazing concept. It’s an online, collaborative Bible.

No, this is much different from Bible Gateway. It allows you to tag verses and passages. You can keep a journal and even share thoughts on scriptures that you’d like to make public or keep private. It’s all brilliant!

Today I discovered a new YouVersion trick. I just signed up for the “Yearly Bible” reading plan RSS feed.


YouVersion is still in beta. There are a lot of features that will be added soon that is going to make YouVersion absolutely amazing. I think that once they add the “groups” feature, I’ll be able to use this as a collaborative Bible Study with others. We can study the Bible together, share notes and encourage each other. So, although I haven’t used it much yet, I anticipate using the group portion for study.