Curriculum can be a significant ministry challenge.

Many kidmin leaders insist on writing their own curriculum. These people often believe that no one knows their kids like they know their kids, so writing their own curriculum is the best option.

Others don’t feel it’s necessary to write their own curriculum, but they end up scouring the web for resources and piecemeal something together that addresses their specific needs.

Some leaders bounce around from curriculum to curriculum. There are a lot of really great options out there with new options coming out every year. These leaders are eager to try something new and better for their kids.

Here’s the think though – You’re not looking for a curriculum, you’re looking for a strategy.

Picking a curriculum is bigger than deciding what you want your kids to learn right now or trying out the options with the best resource features that no one else is doing. Your curriculum should be pointing towards a strategy.

  • Are there specific and essential truths that you want every kid to know before they finish preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school?
  • Are there specific truths that you want every kid to know about God and what Jesus did for us on the cross?
  • Are there specific truths that you want every kid to know about who God created them to be and the potential they have through Jesus Christ?

This is why I’m such a big fan of Orange Curriculum. I get it, EVERY curriculum has it’s pros and cons. People say stuff about EVERY option.

  • This curriculum doesn’t have enough Bible!
  • This curriculum has too much Bible!
  • This curriculum lacks creativity!
  • This curriculum isn’t very clear!
  • This curriculum doesn’t share the gospel every week!
  • This curriculum is too churchy!

I love Orange because it’s not just a curriculum aimed at one of the features above, it’s focused on a strategy. We take a little bit of time to tweak the content to fit our needs, but love that there is a scope and cycle that emphasizes the things that matter most. I LOVE the abundance of resources to help us win every week, whether I have a full or less-than-full volunteer team that week.

If you haven’t given Orange a try, maybe now is the time of focus on your strategy and let the curriculum help you get to where you’re going.