Several months ago I wrote about Zamzar. It is a website that will convert videos for you. I used it for showing YouTube videos in kids church. You could go to Zamzar and type in the URL address of the YouTube video and Zamzar would find it and convert it to your choice of video format. It worked like a charm. Remember, internet videos are not that high quality, so your converted file will be the same quality of what it was on the web.

Then I found a brand new use for Zamzar… and I was amazed. I am designing some business cards for a church in GA. I do most of my design work in Photoshop and then I’d save the files as jpegs to send as proofs. The administrator had some revisions to make, so she opened the only editing software she had available… MS Publisher. Oops, I don’t have Publisher… at least not on this computer. I figured that I would have to wait until I got home before I could make corrections. Then just out of curiosity, I decided to google it. I googled “publisher conversion” and one of the first results on the list was Zamzar. NO WAY. I uploaded the publisher file and it converted it to a PDF. I could have converted it to all sorts of other file types as well. I just did the same thing for a schedule someone sent me in Word Perfect (which I don’t have either). Again… it worked perfectly.

So,the next time someone sends you a file that you can’t open… go to Zamzar and let them convert it.

See a list of all files, videos, audio and compressed file format that they will convert… for free!