Author: Erin English

Goals & Ministry Evaluation (Part 1)

As we move into the second part of the year our ministry team will begin our evaluation process. It is important to look back in order to look forward and create goals and objectives for the coming year. Our first step: The SWOT Evaluation meeting. SWOT is an acronym that stands for: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats It’s imperative that all of our key leaders are in the room for this crucial first step meeting in the evaluation process. This might not be just staff. In the past, I have invited invested volunteers. The goal is to take an honest and realistic look at the ministry...

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Favorite Things: Bare-Naked Classroom

My current favorite and one of the most “innovative” thing about our facility is our bare-naked classrooms for our PreK and Kindergarten students. In our Early Childhood Ministry, we’d always strived to make our classroom spaces exciting and inviting with kid friendly toys and home living spaces. They’ve since endured endless hours of creative play from our little ones. There was enough “stuff” in OUR classrooms that if we added not a drop of curriculum or bible centered activities kids would still have endless hours of fun just playing. But then two years ago, we took a mini vision...

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Conflict: Engaging in Difficult Conversations

Conflict is inevitable. If you have any sort of relationship, whether as a parent or peer, leader or volunteer, you’re bound to have conflict from time to time. Conflict seems to me to have such a negative connotation, but the more I’ve wrestled with conflict in general, and in relationship to other people, the more I wonder how it got to be like that. What I’m discovering is that it’s how we handle it that makes it either a negative experience, or a positive one. Unresolved conflict is unhealthy conflict that builds walls and creates division that ultimately breaks...

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Promotion Sunday: Promoting Parents

Promotion provides unique opportunities to engage kids, particularly when moving from one environment or phase to the next. It’s our hope to capture their imagination for this next stage of their life and engage them on a completely different level. We know that if we can stay connected with them through these challenging transitions, we can continue to foster healthy spiritual growth for years to come. Promotion Sunday is also an incredible opportunity to engage with parents at a highly strategic time. Kids promoting to a new ministry area is a significant time when parents are leaning in to understand...

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Live at Orange: Monday is Coming

Orange Conference is off to an incredible start! The theme is on point this year. OK, so it is every year, but this year seems special. Monday is Coming. Wait. I thought it was “Sunday is Coming?” Like, I’m at the Orange Conference this week with my team, but Sunday is still coming. We still have a program to plan and implement, volunteers to schedule and equip, rooms to set up, and agendas to work through. Sunday is Coming. Here is my take away from even the couple hours I’ve been here so far… Sunday is Coming, but we...

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Growing: Find a Mentor

Mentorship is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow and could be one of the biggest keys to your success, both professionally and personally. It certainly seems to be a hot topic lately, too! I’ve heard the idea mentioned in almost every circle I run in. My mom friends talk about a mentor who has parented the age or stage they’re in now. My running friends talk about the need for a coach to help them reach a new goal. My husband is looking for the right person to give guidance with leading a business and a home and...

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Recruiting On Ramps

Over the last year our team has been evaluating how we recruit, equip and train new volunteer leaders. We want to be sure that a preschool small group leader receives the same care and training as a 3rd grade small group leader. We’ve developed a 5 step process for each new volunteer that helps equip them to be the best small group leader they can with a firm understanding of both our curriculum and policy/procedure. The process is efficient and understandable by our coaches and team leaders and I feel confident that each new leader is receiving the tools and training to...

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Fooled: Missing the Point

Every day in the life of a ministry leader, we will answer too many emails, organize crowds of volunteers, encourage and equip our teams, cast vision for why we do what we do, while sitting in carpool lanes after packing school lunches, making coffee, and hugging our spouse goodbye. We’ll attend meetings, lead meetings, visit a family with a new baby, deliver a meal to a homebound friend, meet a volunteer for coffee and a friend for lunch. Then we rush to pick up kids by 4, make dinner by 6, bathe the littles, while helping the bigs with homework followed by...

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