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The Preparation for Baby Dedication Class

Most churches offer Baby Dedications without a Preparation for Baby Dedication Class. If the Baby Dedication has the potential to be one of your church’s most important family ministry experiences, you really must consider implementing this essential class. A well-designed class will revolutionize your Baby Dedication Experience and impact just about every area of your Children’s Ministry.

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Why I Used to Hate Baby Dedication

For almost ten years, I hosted Baby Dedication exactly like everyone else in the Church world. It’s funny how things change when you have skin in the game. Once I became a parent, I was immediately disappointed in Baby Dedication, not because of what it was but because of what it could actually be for new parents.

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Baby Dedication Message

Although a Baby Dedication ceremony will look different depending on your church and your unique ministry environment, the message or sermon has remained the same. This post includes a practical outline for building a beautiful message for your next Baby Dedication!

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Baby Dedication Ceremony

The Baby Dedication ceremony is an important milestone for many families who want to prioritize faith in the developmental and spiritual journey of their children. However, Baby Dedications can take on a variety of formats. This posts outlines FIVE possible formats for dedicating kids. to the Lord!

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Why We Need to RETHINK Family Ministry

I’ve been leading children’s and family ministry for nearly 25 years. However, when I think of family ministry, the first thing that comes to mind is often an unclear (and maybe unrealistic) picture of what family really is. Chances are, you see families the same way I do. I think we need to RETHINK how we IMAGINE the family. When we do, we’ll clarify what families in our ministry need most!

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