So, what is Orange Week? Well, it’s a week dedicated to the Orange strategy and ministry philosophy. It’s about churches and parents working together to make a bigger impact on kids than either of them could ever make alone. It’s really exciting stuff. Why? Because Orange really makes a lot of sense. As someone who had been in ministry for many years, it was quite refreshing as the strategy provided solutions to many of the frustrations I’d encountered as a Children’s Pastor. So, whether you already think Orange and you’re looking for more ideas or you’re trying to figure out what this Orange thing is all about, this is your place for all things Orange during Orange Week (September 28-October5th)!

So, what can I expect? Here’s what posts are going to look like this week:

Tuesday, September 28th: Intro to the strategy/Red initiatives
Wednesday, September 29th: Red initiatives
Thursday, September 30th: Yellow initiatives
Friday, October 1st: Yellow initiatives
Saturday, October 2nd: Ideas that didn’t work
Sunday, October 3rd: Ideas we’re dreaming about
Monday, October 4th: Take-aways from past Orange Conferences
Tuesday, October 5th:
Woo Hoo, Orange ’11 registration is open!

So, with that outline you can look forward to reading more about Orange, reading what others have done and are thinking about doing. If you’ve got some thoughts you want to contribute, then by all means, join the conversation. Post your thoughts on your blog and I’ll link to it in our daily recap so no one misses it. If you don’t have a blog, just shoot me your content in a message and I’ll post it here. You’ve got ideas and they need to be shared. Don’t be shy!

So, who all is writing this week for Orange Week? Here’s the official list. As others let me know that they’re joining the conversation, I’ll add their blog to the list. Again, if you want to be added to this list, I’ll throw it on the list.

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering… I’m not an employee of reThink. I’m just a big fan. I believe in this strategy and that’s why I write about it. That’s why a dozen or so people are all writing about it this week. I know that when I see stuff like this I wonder who is really behind it and whether it is genuine or not. Trust me, this is the real deal. reThink is supplying stuff for give-aways and some other exciting stuff later this week (you’ll see later), but everything else has been organized and implemented by people who love families and happen to think the Orange strategy is something worth investigating.