Orange 13 begins tomorrow… or has it already begun

Although the big event begins tomorrow, my brain is already pretty full. I flew in on Saturday with my student pastor and we’ve been learning ever since. We spent pretty much all day at North Point on Sunday. Four services total. I got to devote one service to early childhood, one service to elementary, attend a service and then a final service to high school. Actually, we didn’t get a lot of time in high school because Kevin, the HS multi-site director of North Point was very generous and literally sat down with us for about 2 hours. The information we left with was priceless.

On Monday, we made the trip over to Athen’s, GA to visit my good friend Jonathan Cliff. He’s the NextGen Pastor at Athen’s Church, a North Point strategic partner. It’s always good to hang out with my friend Jonathan, but I think the time we spent at his campus may be the most memorable part of my trip (still 4-5 days left, so I’ll let you know when it’s over). What an amazing church they have in Athens. I’ve seen very few churches that are as focused and intentional about everything that they do… from programing to graphics to the way they use and decorate their offices. Next time I’m in ATL for a weekend, I’m spending a Sunday at Athens.

Well, tomorrow begins with pre conference breakouts. I start with a breakout on how to lead a NextGen meeting and then I’m hosting Michael Bayne’s breakout Leading 360 Degrees and Powell Grisham’s breakout on delegation. It’s going to be an amazing day. Stay tuned, more to come…


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