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It’s time to get your Advent on…

That title might have been offensive to some… terribly sorry. Oh well, it’s true though, isn’t it? Advent has totally become the “think” in our Kidmin communities in recent years, right? It’s not like advent is new or anything. I remember the creative calendar boxes from when I was a kid, but now it seems to be everywhere, and that’s a great thing. (Confession: I’ve never actually done advent, in a serious and disciplined way – meaning to do it every day for 25 days. Don’t judge, I think we’re going to give it a shot this year.)
So, I thought I’d share some of the advent ideas out there as there seems to be quite a few. Maybe you’re looking for some inspiration to create your own for families in your church or you simply want to point families to an advent resource they can do on their own. Well, here are some of the ideas I know about.

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A great Advent resource for families

Advent calendars aren’t really anything new. I remember them from when I was growing up. However, with the trend of ministries looking for better ways to help parents lead kids in shared spiritual experiences, the advent calendar is the perfect tool.

There are some great advent resources around these days, but one I want to highlight is an online Advent calendar that a friend of mine, Jenny Funderburke, put together last year. You can find it at familyadvent.com. It’s meant to be a parent guided experience for families that can be done every day between now and Christmas. The calendar begins tomorrow, Saturday, December 1st. Be sure to pass this information along to families in your church.

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Christmast Prayer Activity

I don’t repost stuff on this site very often, but I figured that I couldn’t pass this one up as it was too popular last year. A year ago as we were preparing for our Christmas Eve services, I led our staff in a...

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