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Words are Powerful

This may be blog cheating, but I had to share.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post over at the lead small blog that impacted me in a powerful way. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was was going to write until I just started typing. As I typed, the words came to me and 20 minutes later, I connected to deep wound and hand an thought… maybe an idea. Actually, I’ve been calling it an epiphany.

This epiphany hit me so hard, it has made me want to bring in every one of my volunteers for specialized training in this one area. It will only take 5 minutes, but it could make the difference of life and death for a kid or student. This idea is all about positive words, but you’ll have to read about it here.

Check out my article: The Power of Words at LeadSmall.org.

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Playing for Keeps: Live Webcast

18 months ago I returned from the Orange Conference with on single book that has impacted my ministry more than any other resource I have come across in years. There have been incredible resources that have impacted the way I lead, communicate and create, but this resource was something that impacted me and was something I could physically give my small group leaders. I’ve personally seen leaders change because of this book. I’ve seen kids impacted powerfully because of this book. What book is this?

LeadSmall. It’s a job description for any small group leader, preschool through high school. It’s inspiring. It’s practical. I’ve given away dozens and dozens of these books and this year we’re rolling out systematic training and resourcing around the idea of LeasSmall.

Oh, and it only gets better. I left the Orange Conference this last spring with a new book. Playing for Keeps. I knew a good bit about the book as it was being written. I knew it had a fable piece to it to help connect the teaching points. I knew it was also written in the style of LeadSmall. It also tied into this marbles theme. However, I wasn’t completely sure what it was all about.

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