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I Wish I Had Known: Mitch Royer

It’s been 10 years for me. Ten years serving in in kidmin. I’m actually surprised I made it this far. Kidmin wasn’t part of my plans. It was more of a stepping stone. I wanted to work at a church – so I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to...

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I Wish I Had Known: Jen Day

Lets keep this simple. Here’s a list of the things I wish I would have known when I started in ministry. No particular order, just what comes to mind. Oh, and yes, most of these I learned the hard way. Hopefully this helps you, wherever you find yourself on the...

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I Wish I Had Known: Erin English

I recently welcomed a new team leader to the Early Childhood Team. While this leader has served within the life of the church as a volunteer, this is her first position as paid staff. As I reflect on the early days of my own ministry, I realize just how little I knew...

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I Wish I Had Known: Kenny Conley

I’ve been doing this a for a while now. While I got my degree in Christian Education, there were so many things I simply wasn’t learning that would help me in the day to day experiences of leading a children’s ministry. The best teachers for me have...

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You’re Not Looking for a Curriculum

Curriculum can be a significant ministry challenge. Many kidmin leaders insist on writing their own curriculum. These people often believe that no one knows their kids like they know their kids, so writing their own curriculum is the best option. Others don’t...

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