I know a lot of churches that are looking for the “perfect” Children’s Pastor. Actually, there are ALWAYS good churches looking for the right man or woman to lead the Children’s Ministry. “Perfect” is a subjective descriptor though, isn’t it?

The perfect Children’s Pastor for one church could be a horrible Children’s Pastor for a different church. Personality, experience, and a myriad of other qualities really do determine what makes a perfect Children’s Pastor for any particular church.

However, I don’t want to live in the world of subjectivity. What really does make a perfect Children’s Pastor.


The perfect Children’s Pastor LOVES Jesus. His/Her life is guided by an overwhelming love and devotion to Jesus. Not only is this faith deep and authentic, but volunteers and parents are inspired after having conversations with the perfect Children’s Pastor. Conversations about faith aren’t simplistic or overly juvenile, but heartfelt and meaningful.


The perfect Children’s Pastor is truly a pastor. He/She isn’t afraid to get deeply personal in the lives of the congregation. The perfect Children’s Pastor isn’t known and loved because of the fun events, perfect illustrations, or meticulously decorated environment. They are loved because they show up when a child, a volunteer, or a parent needs pastoral leadership. The perfect Children’s Pastor doesn’t shy away from these “unplanned” inconveniences but recognizes that these are the moments that matter more than the rest.


The perfect Children’s Pastor invests SIGNIFICANT time loving, training, and mentoring adults – not kids. The perfect Children’s Pastor recognizes that his/her influence is limited and true impact on the Next Generation means leading an army of adult leaders who will in turn lead groups of children. 


The perfect Children’s Pastor is smart. He or she may not have a degree (although that really does help), but he/she is well-read – constantly growing and learning. The perfect Children’s Pastor should be able to connect intellectually with parents and volunteers, able to have meaningful conversations. The perfect Childen’s Pastor is a problem solver, able to push through the trickiest challenges with well-executed solutions.


The perfect Children’s Pastor has a high level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. He/she doesn’t try to be someone he or she isn’t. However, the perfect Children’s Pastor is aware of trends, culture, language, and what’s happening socially and responds appropriately. 


The perfect Children’s Pastor doesn’t have to be a regular communicator on one of your ministry stages (although it doesn’t hurt). However, the perfect Children’s Pastor should be comfortable communicating to a room full of kids, volunteers, or parents. The perfect Children’s Pastor sees communication opportunities as opportunities to recruit, cast vision, and make personal connections. The perfect Children’s Pastor is well-spoken through email, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations.


The perfect Children’s Pastor is innovative. He/she constantly evaluates events and programs, making adjustments based on a variety of factors. The perfect Children’s Pastor doesn’t change just for the sake of change but is not married to ideas. The perfect Children’s Pastor has a rebellious streak (only the good kind), is never satisfied by the status quo, and is willing to fight to overthrow whatever is dead or dying. 


The perfect Children’s Pastor knows his/her place. He/she humbly submits to his/her leadership. The perfect Children’s Pastor recognizes that he/she is part of something much bigger than just the ministry he/she leads.

Personality, style, experience, and gifting will make each of us unique. However, living out these eight qualities is what will separate you from the crowd as there just aren’t that many “perfect” Children’s Pastors. 

  • Want to grow in your ministry influence?
  • Want to make a bigger impact in your local church?
  • What to land that ministry dream job?
  • Want to be indispensable?

Get honest feedback from someone who wants the best for you. Dedicate your time and energy toward growing in these eight areas. Perfection may be unattainable, but the leader who excels in these ways will be unstoppable!

P.S. Before you comment. There isn’t such thing as a “perfect” Children’s Pastor. I took liberty with this word to describe the best or ideal Children’s Ministry leader.