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When The Checklist Fails

My husband is a doctor, a pediatrician actually. After reading “The Checklist Manifesto,” I was excited to discuss checklists from his perspective. I was now a believer and ready to implement this concept into every aspect of the ministry I led. I knew that he has spent large portions of his career running through checklists that save lives. I didn’t expect the curveball he threw my way. With a sly smile, he asked: “But what do you do when the checklist fails?” He went on to share a case that occurred during his residency when he was an Angel Flight...

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Passing the Baton

So, you have some checklists. Your welcome. You have volunteers who can do more than you’ve asked of them in the past. With the checklists, you’re ready to take your ministry to a new level. All you have to do now is simply hand over tasks. You need to sit down with your key volunteers. It’s time to release part of your responsibilities and hand them off – to a volunteer. Does this make your heart beat a little faster? What if the job doesn’t get done just like you like it? What if they don’t follow the checklist? What...

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Legacy Thoughts

I hit a milestone this summer.  I sent my youngest kid to Student Camp.  No biggie, right?!? For me, this particular milestone marks the end of an era. All of my OWN kids are out of kid ministry! It happened in a blink! We know that their little lives are made up of one phase and then the next.  We celebrate them and we move on hoping to be ever so aware of our today without worrying about tomorrow.  Just a few weeks ago, I worked the camp registration table for the Student Team and I watched my youngest drop off...

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I Wish I Had Known: Jen Day

Lets keep this simple. Here’s a list of the things I wish I would have known when I started in ministry. No particular order, just what comes to mind. Oh, and yes, most of these I learned the hard way. Hopefully this helps you, wherever you find yourself on the kidmin journey. Ask for feedback from your families – are you programming things that help them or are you programming things you want to do? Pray and READ. Praying will keep you grounded, reminded of your calling, and prepared to receive God’s best. Reading will keep you learning.  These...

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Book Club: Thinking Fast & Slow

Leading well when tough decisions need to be made can be challenging.  We are often asked to make decisions on the spot and I have always admired folks that can make a big decision in a snap. I’ve wanted to be one of those people so badly and I think that when I first started leading, my inability to make really good decisions on the spot made for some poor ministry choices. Becoming a better thinker and making strong decisions has been something I’ve been working on. One book that has helped me significantly in the world of thinking...

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When Things Slow Down

Some of you might be asking, “when are things ever slow in kidmin?” For some of you, maybe it’s your busy season rather than your crazy busy season. It’s all perspective, right? I find that ministry has seasons of busy and not as busy. In our ministry, things slow down in the summer for a bit. After school gets going, we experience another lull along with a handful of other times in the year. An important question to ask is this: “What should I be working on when things slow down?” I recently just finished a season where our pace...

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Favorite Things: Indoor Play Place

There are so many favorite things I love about kidmin.  When I think about what’s at the top of my list, it becomes really obvious: I love community! We remodeled our kids space at one of our campuses recently.  One of the features we placed in the new space is now one of my very favorite things.  We built an indoor play area.  It’s not terribly huge or over the top by any means – but it is a pretty amazing space. After visiting several churches, I have wanted an indoor play area for our ministry. Here are a few thoughts on...

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How to Define a Win

This was my first year to go to Orange Conference without my team. It was a great time for me to have space-get my bucket filled-and have room to think and dream. I have been in my current role of CT Kids Global for 18 months. We have seen lots of transition and realignment as well as sharper focus on our mission and vision. I had a FANTASTIC time at Orange this year…but I sure did miss my team!!!!! I have so many favorite parts to Conference-the main sessions, meeting up with friends, engaging with leaders from around the...

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Promotion Sunday: Order in the Chaos

Anytime I think about Promotion Sunday, I get a song stuck in my head. Growing up, I’d watch “The Jefferson’s” with my dad every day before the 5 o’clock news. That sweet memory paired with the catchy lyrics of the theme song is the primary reason I call Promotion Sunday “Movin’ On Up Sunday!” This strategic Sunday is a big deal and there are a lot of things to consider. Kids making big transitions on Promotion Sunday are kids transitioning form Early Childhood to Elementary and Elementary kids moving to Middle School. A lot is going to happen in...

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Live at Orange: Two Things

Orange 2016 has been amazing! This is my 7th time to come to Conference and I can honestly say I learn something new every time. That’s right, every time! It is amazing how much content and knowledge I absorb. I’m also amazed by how much content and knowledge I MISS! Some great thing about conference is that voices that are showcased. Voices from every kind of ministry Voices from churches of different denominations Voices from from churches of different sizes Voices from churches of different demographics Conference can feel like a family reunion of sorts, where old friends gather and new friends are introduced....

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