Children’s Ministry org chart

This post is in response both to a series of post from the “Just Pudge” blog (post 1, post 2 and post 3) and in response to the work I’ve been doing to get ready for a staff retreat I’m leading in a week. We’ve covering some foundational basics of our ministry such as mission, vision as well as developing some job descriptions, processes and the like. One of the projects I’ve been working on is actually putting together the organization chart so everyone can visualize where everyone fits into this great ministry. Some of my staff feels overwhelmed and overworked. I have a feeling that this organizational chart will show why… some of the staff are filling slots that should be filled by volunteers in this organization. So in the end, staff is overworked and volunteers are under-developed. I believe in the philosophy that ministry should be given away and our ultimate goal should be to work ourselves out of a job (theoretically… ha!). Ultimately, if my staff decided to all take a vacation on one Sunday (which they are not allowed to do), ministry should go on! So, at my upcoming staff retreat I’ll be sharing what our organization looks like so they can see what is expected as well as how to find and develop volunteers.  Because we have two services a weekend (on my campus) we...

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Calculated Risk

In less than two months, I’ll be a father. Finally. For over ten years of ministry I’ve often gotten strange looks from parents or fellow leaders as a result of some plans or programs. Occasionally they would actually say, “one day, when you’re a parent, you’ll do these things differently.I know my life is about to change. I know everything is about to be different. But I’m really anxious to see if I’m really going to do some of these things differently. I’m not rebellious by any means. If anything, I’ve always been more of a people-pleaser. But sometimes when I get these strange looks and comments about not understanding, it drives me to want to really mix things up. Risk is what prompted the writing of this post. Sometimes I do things in children’s ministry that isn’t expected… sometimes I wish I took more. The first time I ever held a lock-in, I didn’t make the kids lay down until 4:00 AM. I took the kids to a bowling ally and I had kindergartners glow-bowling at 12:30 AM. I think there’s nothing funnier than having a 6 year-old look at you with bright eyes and exclaim, “I’ve never been up this late before!” No one ever told me that I had to have the kids down by 11:00 PM. Heck, that’s when I usually start the scavenger hunt. I...

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Sometimes they do listen… and remember

Sometimes in the moment of any particular weekend, doubts of my effectiveness and usefulness creep in. Sometimes as I’m finding difficulty making a connection as I’m teaching or the kids seem to be very distracted, I really wonder what I could have done to have avoided this situation. Fortunately, I carry with me a certain knowledge that has given me confidence in these moments of self-doubt. This knowledge is something my children’s pastor passed on to me as I was beginning my role as a children’s pastor. Mr. Randy, who in my mind wrote the book on children’s ministry, shared how on many occasions he would sit in his car long after church let out and just weep. He’d weep over why the kids didn’t connect, why they were so distracted or why they totally missed the point. Hearing this from the man who shaped much of who I am as a believer and a pastor has helped me deal with the weekends I’d like to do-over. Now, when faced with tough weekends, I still mourn the lost connections and missed points. But instead of over-internalizing, I make note of what I can try to do better and then move on facing the new week ahead. Ultimately, I was obedient in my calling to teach and I did what was expected of me to share. I have to trust...

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