Asking the right questions (Seeking CM Employment Part 3)

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When I was interviewing for the church that brought me down to Texas, they sent me a list of questions to answer. It was an incredible survey that did two things. For one, it asked me the right questions to better communicate who I was and what my vision/mission/strategy was for Children’s Ministry. On the other side, it gave those asking the questions a good thorough look into who I was.

Recently, as I was in the hiring process, I used this survey to get more information about a candidate I was interviewing. All I can say is amazing! I learned more about this person than I would have in several hours in conversations. As a result of the survery, I was able to conduct an interview that followed up on answers from the survey.

So, if you’re looking to hire someone in ministry, this survey may serve you well. If you’re seeking employment in Children’s Ministry, take the time to respond to the survey. It may help prepare you for interviews and formulate way’s you will communicate your history/vision/mission/strategy.

Children’s Ministry Survey

Rank these areas of ministry (1-10) with number 1 being you don’t like it and 10 being you like it a lot. In addition, fill free to add a comments to explain.

  • Speaking or Teaching in front of kids
  • Developing children’s leaders
  • One-on-one time with kids
  • Connecting with parents
  • Counseling parents
  • Team leadership (delegating, managing, motivating, spiritually leading, etc…)
  • Goal planning and achievement
  • Process building: putting a dept together from the bottom up
  • Creative planning
  • Technology, using computers for productivity
  • Planning and executing events
  • Writing curriculum
  • Studying what other churches are doing
  • Administrative organization, planning and follow-up
  • Discipleship of kids
  • Parent involvement
  • Teaching other children’s leaders or pastors
  • Ability to start things from the ground up
  • Technical
  • Strategy meetings (creative: what to do)
  • Planning meetings (detail: how to do it)

Would you like an evaluation team for your ministry?

What would you evaluate?

How do you interface with the community other than through events?

Describe or discuss how you build teams, lead people, confront, cast vision, etc. – your personal philosophy or approach to leading people!

What are your favorite ministry accomplishments?

What would the children in your ministry say they like about you?

How do you see yourself? Rate 1 the least like and 10 the most like.

  • Fun
  • Serious
  • Strict
  • Intense
  • Motivational
  • Flexible
  • Inspirational
  • Loving
  • Organized

What is your personality style (whatever test you know the results of and/or list your personality qualities like analytical, creative, outgoing, detailed, etc.)?

What is your process for assimilation? (children into the children’s ministry and their parents into the church).

Describe how you involve parents in the children’s ministry.

What is your approach to goal planning and achievement?

What are your hobbies, sport or favorite thing to do?

How do you handle disgruntled church members and overall grumbling?

Would all your references say that you are loyal?

Do you consider yourself to be flexible?

Are you a supportive team player?

What would past authority figures (bosses, pastors, key leaders) say are your weaknesses?

What have been your biggest frustrations or hurdles in ministry?

Meet Kenny

Kenny Conley has written 1891 posts on CMO.

Kenny Conley is the primary author of Childrens Ministry Online and the NextGen Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, TX. In addition to creating the Illuminate Conference, a high quality kidmin conference designed specifically for volunteers, Kenny is a published author and speaker. For more biographical info, click here.


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6 Responses to “Asking the right questions (Seeking CM Employment Part 3)”

  1. Sam

    10. Oct, 2007


    Great stuff! I really enjoyed your series on hiring a children’s pastor it has definitely made me think about the kind of person I would hire. I will definitely use your stuff as a reference point in the future. I am very glad you resumed you blog after an understandable pause. BTW just redid my office as well. I will post some pics when it’s all finished.

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  2. Darlene

    10. Oct, 2007

    Thanks for this info Kenny. I have been seeking a new position for a few months now, and sometimes I receive questionnaires that feel like a drag and ask several irrelevant questions. I think if churches asked these types of questions/conducted this type of survey (give or take a few things you include), it would make the process a lot more meaningful and prove helpful to both the interviewer and the one being interviewed.

    Thanks again. Now I need to go and print this out so that I can think through these questions as part of a personal exercise as I prepare for more interviews.

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  3. Todd McKeever

    10. Oct, 2007

    I agree, this was a good post. I am very big on asking questions and being asked questions during this wonderful time of finding the marriage of ministry that God is opening up.

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  4. Kenny

    10. Oct, 2007

    Thanks for the feedback and glad this stuff is helpful. I may have one or two more posts concerning the hiring process. I’m working on a series of posts that cover the other side of staffing… all stuff I’ve had to go through this summer.

    Sam, I totally want to see you your remodel, the only picture I’ve seen was in your self-comparison to Al Gore. I need to actually post pictures of my remodel… minus the 40+ kids.

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  5. Travelinmama Pastor

    10. Sep, 2012

    Hey, thank you for these questions.  I am a children’s pastor and looking for a new position.  I left the old one a few years ago because I was to go after the One that got away from the Lord.  It’s been two years and the passion is uncontainable.  Thank you for posting these.  I also live in TX not far from Austin.  Blessings,

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