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Kidmin in VR (Virtual Reality)

This summer I was able to experience something I hadn’t expected. On my cross-country travels, we spent a few days with my wife’s sister’s family in Atlanta. We have kids close to the same age, so that’s a hit. Sara is obviously close to her...

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The Perfect Child Dedication Gift

So, I’m at a new church and I’m leading a child dedication in just a few weeks. Doing things for the first time at a new place always inspires me to rethink what I’ve been doing. I spent nearly a dozen hours revamping the material I teach in the prep...

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Volunteer Heroes

I’m afraid that most of us in kidmin have amazingly little vision for volunteers. When I began, I led kids 4 years through 5th grade at the little church a few miles form where I went to college. For nearly four years, I ran every Sunday with three volunteers...

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Safety, Security and Risk Management

I think it’s important to clear up a few things about safety, security and risk management. I’m going to make a couple of stereotypes, but only to illustrate a point. Put your parent hat on and take a look at two ministries that seem to come at safety from...

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Irreducible Minimums

No one ever agrees on everything. Everyone has an opinion. I’ve heard it said that opinions are like armpits. Everyone has a couple and most of them stink. I’ve found the we can exert a significant amount of time arguing and fighting over details that...

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