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The BEST way to ensure you, your staff and your volunteers execute ministry they way you planned is a system of checklists! We’ve developed 50+ checklists for just about every role and every occasion, completely editable for your situation. Visit the Checklist Resource Page to take your ministry to the next level!


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How to Camp: Budget Simplification

Sometimes the expenses associated with camp can be absolutely overwhelming. You’ve got money going in and money going out and it’s not so easy keeping track. What makes matters worse is that most churches have a line item in their budget for camp. A lump...

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How to Camp: Integrate Registration

One of the most painful part of preparing for camp is form management. Depending on what camp you are going to, what state you live in or what practices your church has, your parents are going to fill out a lot of forms. Church liability/release form Camp...

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How to Camp: Incentivize Registration

Last year, I led a Next Generation Winter Camp that took nearly 500 kids (3rd – 12th grade) and their leaders over Martin Luther King weekend. It’s the largest camp I’ve ever led and it was amazing in so many ways. What I’m most proud of is...

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How to Camp

It’s February already. That means that Summer Camp is right around the corner. Actually, camp is still 5-6 months away. However, this is the time where planning and promoting camp starts to pick up. Currently, I have a meeting every week dedicated to camp...

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#KIDMIN turns Eight!

Happy Birthday #KIDMIN! Tomorrow, KIDMIN turns eight years old. It’s fun to watch something born, something created out of nothing and become something ubiquitous. That’s been true of kidmin. It was eight years ago that myself and a handful of friends...

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