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You’re Not Looking for a Curriculum

Curriculum can be a significant ministry challenge. Many kidmin leaders insist on writing their own curriculum. These people often believe that no one knows their kids like they know their kids, so writing their own curriculum is the best option. Others don’t...

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Book Club: Parent Chat

I’m in that season of life where I’m reading a lot of books about how to have difficult conversations with my kids. Unfortunately, I’m finding that it’s easier to read the books than it is to have the talks. Here’s what I’m learning...

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Book Club: Raising an Original

I was recently handed an advanced reading copy of a parenting book called, Raising an Original, by Julie Lyles Carr. Julie is a remarkable woman. She’s a mother of 8 kids (the original Octo-Mom), leads a non-profit, home schools her kids, serves as the...

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Book Club: Thinking Fast & Slow

Leading well when tough decisions need to be made can be challenging.  We are often asked to make decisions on the spot and I have always admired folks that can make a big decision in a snap. I’ve wanted to be one of those people so badly and I think that when I...

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Book Club

I truly believe that one of the best ways that we can grow is through reading. Every year I challenge myself to read more books. It really isn’t hard to work through some really great books if we just dedicate the time. I found that if I can just commit to...

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