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The BEST way to ensure you, your staff and your volunteers execute ministry they way you planned is a system of checklists! We’ve developed 50+ checklists for just about every role and every occasion, completely editable for your situation. Visit the Checklist Resource Page to take your ministry to the next level!


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Two Types of Checklists: Do-Confirm

In my last post, I mentioned the two types of checklists: Read-Do Do-Confirm Following specific pause points (click here to understand what pause points are), one of the above checklists follows. Where the Read-Do checklist operates by following specific steps...

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Two Types of Checklist: Read-Do

Yesterday, we introduced the concept of the pause point. A term borrowed from the airline industry, pause points determine when checklists are run. Related specifically to pause points, two different types of checklists exists. These checklists are either: Read-Do...

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Checklists: Timing is Everything

When it comes to checklists, timing is everything. Knowing when to use the checklist matters almost as much as using it at all. Every checklist needs a pause point (or multiple pause points), a specific time when the checklist is supposed to be run. Sometimes the...

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What Makes a Good Checklist

We’ve written a lot about checklists. We’ve explored why checklists are important, how they work and what their implementation in ministry can actually look like. However, it’s important to look into the anatomy of a checklist. A great deal of...

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Don’t Skip the Checklist

If you’re going to use a checklist, commit to the checklist. Choosing not to use it can undo all the efforts you’ve worked so hard to establish. Not using the established checklist can sometimes be the result of having the best of intentions. However,...

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One Checklist Could Change Everything

If you’re a parent, you’re thankful for Virginia Apgar, a woman you never met. Virginia Apgar was a doctor from the 1950’s who very name has saved the lives of thousands (maybe millions) of infants over the past 6 or 7 decades. When we think of...

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