When you host a baby dedication service, it’s nice to provide some sort of commemorative document for the parents. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or complicated. Most churches choose to go with a baby dedication certificate to give parents.

Baby dedication certificates come in many different forms, but the main idea is that they serve as a keepsake for the parents. They are something that parents can keep for their own records and memories. 

While most baby dedication certificates contain a lot of the same information, there are still variations. We’ve compiled a list of the common things that the certificates include. We’ve also included 10 templates that you can go off of when you’re creating your own baby dedication certificates.

Baby Dedication Certificate Borders

As with most certificates, baby dedication certificates should include some sort of border. Something simple is probably going to be your best option when it comes to this certificate. 

If you’re not using a premade template, you can create your own border in a word processing software. Here are step-by-step instructions for a few of the most popular word processing software.

Microsoft Word:

  1. Open a blank document.
  2. Select the layout tab.
  3. Open the page setup page.
  4. Select the layout tab.
  5. At the bottom right, click the borders button.
  6. Browse through options until you find a border you want to use.
  7. You can edit line style, color, thickness, and more in this page. 

Google Docs:

It’s worth noting that while Google Docs doesn’t have an actual borders feature, there are ways you can get around that. 

  1. Insert a premade border you’ve saved.
  2. Insert a text box within that border and fill it with what you want your certificate to say.


  1. Insert a 1×1 table.
  2. Using “enter” (PC) or “return” (Mac), expand the table to fit the entire page.
  3. You can then alter the border of the table under the format tab. 

Pages (Mac):

  1. Click the Shape button option in the toolbar, then select the square or rounded rectangle from the Basic category.
  2. Drag the shape to fit the border size you want.
  3. In the Format tab, click the Style tab.
  4. Select either No Fill to remove the color from the shpae, or the color that you want the shape to appear. 
  5. Click the arrow next to Border, then click the pop-up menu and choose a type of border for the shape.
  6. To change the transparency, drag the Opacity slider.
  7. To lock the border so it doesn’t get moved accidentally, click the Arrange tab at the top of the sidebar, then click Lock.

Baby Dedication Certificate Content

Again, the content in a baby dedication certificate may vary to some degree. However, for the most part, it will include much of the same information. In most cases, you’ll want to include the following in your baby dedication certificate:

  1. The baby’s name
  2. The date on which the baby was dedicated
  3. The location at which the baby was dedicated
  4. The names and/or signatures of the baby’s parent(s)
  5. The name and/or signature of the pastor that performed the dedication service
  6. Maybe a baby dedication verse

At the bare minimum, your baby dedication certificate should include these elements. However, many churches opt to include more elements, such as Scripture verses. What you include above and beyond the minimum information is up to your own discretion.

Baby Dedication Certificate Templates

Maybe you’ve read through all of this and decided that you don’t want to create your own baby dedication certificate. Lucky for you, there are many third parties that create editable templates. Some templates are PDFs that you’ll have to purchase in order to edit them. Others are available for a free download online, usually in a Word document format. We’ve included a variety of both here for you.

Template 1: Etsy ($5)

“This certifies that (name here) has been dedicated to the Lord on (date) at (church name here).” This template also includes a spot for the parents’ signatures, as well as the pastor’s signature. 

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Template 2: Christian Book ($7.99)

“Six Certificates of Dedication, 5″ x 7″ with an embossed silver cross, printed on fine linen textured cardstock. Lines are prepared for you to fill in the details of this special event in gray lettering: We __________ (Parents’ Name) Commit ourselves to the Christian nurture of __________ (Child’s Name) Entering into this commitment at __________ (Church) As a part of the congregational worship on ______ (Date) ____________ (Parents’ Signature)____________(Pastor’s Signature).”

Template 3: Ministry-To-Children (Free)

“This is to certify that (name here) was publicly dedicated to the Lord on the (day) day of (month) in the year of our Lord (year) at (church name).” This template also includes the Scripture verse Mark 10:14, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” This template also includes a section for the parents’ and pastor’s signatures. 

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Templates 4-10: Watercolour Biennial (Free) 

This website includes 7 different baby dedication certificate templates available in Microsoft Word or PDF formats. Some of the templates include Scriptures, while others are more simplified. However, they all include the basics that we mentioned should be included in a baby dedication certificate. 

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