I’m really excited about something that happen last week. Yesterday I wrote about our successful baptism service from Sunday. Well, there’s a really beautiful story woven in there as well. Let me tell you about a little 7 year old named Brynn. I became friends with Brynn’s family 3 years ago when I first moved to Austin. They’re very involved at Gateway and a week ago, Brynn and her mom showed up for the baptism class. Little Brynn had fully given her heart to Jesus a while back and she wanted to give her heart to Jesus. She was very attentive the whole class through and even at the end of the class, she came up and asked me if she did good. Ha! What I didn’t know was how well little Brynn had listened during the class. She was like a sponge that absorbed every single word. She went home that Sunday and wouldn’t stop talking about everything she learned. She talked her mom through all the content. She talked her dad through all the content. She probably talked her brother and sister’s ears off as well. But something happened. I don’t know all the details, but Brynn’s Dad who had never been baptized heard something he’d never heard before. Whether is was a clearer explanation of what baptism really was or whether is was the prompting of the Holy Spirit (maybe it was both), but that week Brynn’s daddy decided to follow Christ in Baptism as well. Brynn was so excited and eager. She showed up early to get her and her dad registered. She quickly burst out “I’m getting baptized and so is my dad… he was only sprinkled before!” It was an incredible thing to see, Father and Daughter, baptized together.

Later that day, Brynn and her Dad had fun reliving the moment in their pool Although they were “playing,” there’s no doubt this little girl, or her dad truly “get it.”

Okay, last part. Brynn went to School on Monday and asked everyone she saw if she looked any different to them. She explained that she had been baptized. She’s putting into action the last thing I told her in the baptism class that once we are baptized, it is our turn to live out our part of the Great Commission… to tell everyone about Jesus. That’s simply what she’d doing now. I’m expecting great things from Brynn!