Everyone has BIG plans, right? We have lists with BIG things to do. Our hope is that we will make a BIG difference. There is nothing wrong with BIG – as long as you don’t overlook and neglect the little things.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that the little things don’t matter as much. We can sacrifice them for the BIG. Our focus ends up on the big rocks that take up so many of our weekly hours. We act like the little things just don’t matter as much.

Don’t be fooled. Thinking that little things aren’t really big is wrong.

I’d like to share with you a few habits that seem small, but they make a huge difference. Last year, these little things make a pretty big impact on my ministry.

  1. Write Little Notes

Write letters to your kids (hand-written). Write notes to your volunteers. Keep them simple Make sure they are sincere. Do this every week! On Mondays, I spend my first hour of the day writing little notes. I give myself 45 minutes to an hour and write notes to a few volunteers and a few kids. Be consistent and over time-your little letters will make a huge impact!

  1. Say Little Prayers

Is there such a thing as a “little prayer”? Probably not, but sometime we get so busy that we miss the opportunity to say little prayers throughout the day for the kids and families we serve. When I pass the doorways of our different classrooms, I say a little prayer for those kids. When I pass through our worship center, I pray for our families. As I walk around our building from one meeting to the next, I find that it’s a great time to say a prayer or two! I always come out of prayer breaks feeling dialed back in to the most important reasons of why I do what I do.

  1. Take Little Tours

Don’t take for granted the impact physical environments have on your ministry. Scuffed walls, bad smells, and faded paint sends a message (not the one you want). Schedule frequent “tours” through your space where you can  make note of things that need to be cleaned and fixed. By keeping your environments looking fresh and clean, you’ll send the message to your kids and families that they matter!

  1. Make Little Steps

Saying sorry isn’t always easy, but it is a good thing. We all make mistakes. Some are little and some are big. Failing to apologize and being too prideful to say I’m sorry is a fool’s game. Saying “I’m sorry” matters and can go a very long way with your staff and your families. Apologies are  little steps I make that leads to vulnerability. As a leader, I have found great strength in being vulnerable.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the little things don’t matter! Paying attention to the little things over time will lead to significant impact. Little things are big things.

What about you? What are some of the “big” little things you do?