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The DNA of a serving trip for kids

I am in no way and expert when it comes to serving trips with kids. I participated on a mission trips as a middle school kid and three during my high school years. I’ve also led 2 trips for elementary aged kids and helped lead 3 trips for middle school and high school students. So, I have enough experience to have some strong opinions, but I’m still learning for sure.

I really think that there are three elements that make the serving trip really successful.

  • The small group element
  • The serving element
  • The adventure element
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What kind of faith are we pushing

I don’t know how to write this blog post. I read something not too long ago and it really has me processing a lot of stuff. Mostly stuff as it relates to my own faith, the faith of my two children and eventually, the faith of the thousands of kids who are affected by my influence. I love to talk strategy, implementation and methodology, but my wife often warns me those things alone don’t change lives.

I feel like every one of us should constantly re-evaluate our own faith and guard against what faith often tends to drift to. Knowledge. Beliefs. Culture. Routine. Boring. Related to that, what kind of faith are we passing on to our kids?

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