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When you suck: Paying the price

If you’re jumping into this series a little late, be sure to check out the first two posts (When you Suck: Owning it and When you Suck: Expecting it). Today I want to explore the price we pay in regard to this issue.

What I’ve found is that there’s a price to pay either way you go. When you suck, you’re going to lose a customer, upset a family or create some other kind of negative experience. However, to build the system to prevent failure, well, that’s going to cost you as well. It’s going to cost you time, energy or money. Let me explain about a few recent experiences with bathrooms.

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When you suck: Expecting it

Yesterday I started the most unusual series about when we suck. It happens to the best of us. Step one is just owning it. Sometimes we fail and the best thing we can do is to just own it and move on. Today I’d like to address the other side of when we suck… expecting it.

This one is personal because like many of you, I’m an optimistic idealist. I always see the cup half-full and I can’t fathom failure. Sure I’ve failed, but it really takes me by surprise. It’s not something I planned for because failure goes against everything I stand for. However, one of the best lessons we can learn is that we have to know that failure is coming and be ready for it. Expect it. When it happens, don’t act shocked and surprised, just initiate the plan you prepared for and move forward.

I was at Starbucks last week. I came through and ordered a Venti Mocha Frappuccino. It’s my summer drink. I sat down and started working and before I knew it, 20 minutes had passed and I was still thirsty. Did they call my name and I didn’t hear them? Did they forget about me? I went up to the counter and they were very apologetic and said they’d have it right up. Three minutes later they came and found me and delivered my drink and a coupon for a free drink the next time I came. They made it right and that’s what I like about companies that fail me, when they’re willing to make it right and earn my business.

However, they didn’t just give me a standard coupon for a free drink.

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When you suck: Owning it

My wife tells me I should stop using this word. I probably should, it’s a little offensive. However, I’m not sure that “When you’re not at your best” or “When you stink” carries the same weight. No, sometimes we suck and that’s okay. It’s how we respond to to it that matters. I’ve had a couple of ideas floating around in my head that all deal with the moments and seasons that are less than ideal and thought that this week would be a good week for a series about this critical issue.

I’m going to start off this topic with this simple idea. Sometimes you suck and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is not owning it. Sometimes we’re in denial and I’m not talking the river (lame, I know). This thought was lodged in my head a few weeks ago when having a group SMS conversation with some ministry friends.

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Cussing Christians

One of the blogs I subscribe to posted this recently. I literally laughed out loud! Lark is a news site that pokes fun at the Christian sub-culture, but in a very funny way. It’s like “the Office” of news...

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