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2013 Orange Tour

I’m very excited about this year’s Orange Tour. For the past 4-5 years, I’ve made the trek to Dallas to attend, usually bringing 15-25 staff, leaders and volunteers with me. It’s a huge does of strategy and encouragement that makes a big impact on my team. I’m especially pumped this year for two reasons.

  1. This year Orange Tour is coming to Austin, being hosted at my church. This is huge because now I can make the opportunity to even more leaders and volunteers. I hope to have 50 attend.
  2. This year I’m going on the Orange Tour as well. I’ll be participating in 5 Tour stops this Fall and I can’t wait to connect with leaders and staff in several cities around the country.

I especially love what the Orange Tour is doing this season. They’ve created a Lead Small event the night before the tour, a low cost event designed for small group leaders. Honestly, a lot of small group leaders aren’t going to be able to attend the tour and many might feel that the content isn’t designed specifically for them (I don’t completely agree). However, a volunteer focused event at 7:00 the night before the Tour… well, that’s brilliant. I’m so glad Orange is doing this and I’m so glad that I’m going to be a part.

I’ll be helping with the Lead Small event and a couple of breakouts on the day of the tour. I’ll also be leading a NextGen lunch/gathering for NextGen/Family Pastors on the day of the Tour. It’s going to be super busy, but I love it.

So, I’ll be in the following cities on the following dates:

  • Tampa, FL – Sept 12-13
  • Kansas City, KS – Oct 21-22
  • Austin, TX – Nov 4-5
  • Dallas TX – Nov 7-8
  • Charlotte, NC – Nov 14-15

So, if you’re near any of those cities, let me know… I’d love to connect! If you haven’t registered yet – well, what are you waiting for?

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