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Why we stopped going to summer camp

This year we made what would seem like one of the hardest decisions a ministry team would make. After three years of very successful summer camp experiences for kids, middle school and high school, lets not do them any more. When I proposed this to my team back in the fall and explained why I wanted to kill summer camp, it took very little convincing. I was kind of surprised actually.

Why did we kill summer camp?

Two reasons really.

To better align with our strategy
To make room for something better

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Ensenada reflections

The day after arriving home from our trip to Ensenada Mexico, I sent an email to the entire team. That meant sending it to all the volunteers and parents to make sure that everyone got it. I wanted to encourage everyone as well...

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Sample Forms: Fundraiser Letter

One of the most effective ways to raise money for a mission trip is a letter. Have families leverage personal relationships to raise funds for the trip. between parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, aunts and uncles, raising...

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Sample Forms: Facts and Information

At the first meeting I had with parents, I provided a facts and information sheet like the one included here. It told all the dates of meeting, deadlines for deposits and costs for the trip, passports and other items. Every trip...

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Sample Forms: Mission Overview

When I held my first meeting with parents about Surge, I gave every parent an overview. Essentially, what we hoped to achieve and what they could expect. Looking back on it now, we didn’t do many of the things I mentioned...

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Sample Forms: Packing List

We gave every participant a packing list. We needed kids to only take the essentials and for there to be no question on what they could or could not bring. This packing list allowed parents to literally check things off the list...

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Sample Forms: Permission Slip

This wasn’t just a duplication of the liability release. This permission slip was an important document. It is what gave the trip leadership authorization to take kids across the boarder and such. It was for parents who...

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Sample Forms: Press Release

When I took a group to Mexico, I worked for a church that had a pretty strong communications department. A few weeks before the trip, the communications director asked me if I wanted to issue a press release? Sure! So, why...

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