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Why I love that Hollywood is making Noah

I’m talking about the movie in case you haven’t heard. See the trailer below:

I love a good movie and the trailer indicates that this one could be pretty amazing. They seemed to spare no expense when it comes to the talent. Oh, and the visual effect loop pretty amazing too.

Here’s the problem, there’s going to be lots of talk about this movie as it comes out. There will be a big debate as to why every Christian should go out and see this movie and take a non-believing friend. Churches will likely book showings. Then there will be others who will demand that Christians not go to the film, how the inaccuracies dilute the truth and will confuse people. The Gospel Coalition blog wrote a great article about this situation.

Honestly, I don’t care about either position.

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Film Review: Blue Like Jazz

Today I had an opportunity to attend an advanced screening of Blue Like Jazz. Donald Miller, Steve Taylor, Marshall Allman and others were there for a Q & A. What a wonderful privilege. I’ve heard Donald speak twice at Orange and as a result, I read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years last fall. It was probably one of the best books I read last year. I’m only half way through Blue Like Jazz right now. I wrote more than a year ago about how KickStarter was used to get this movie funded, which is an incredible story of it’s own.

So, last week I got an invite to attend the screening and I made arrangements for Sara and I to get a little date and see the movie. So, what did I think?

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Systems help you win

One of the things I’ve learned most this year from the books I’ve been reading is the critical nature of systems. I’m absolutely convinced that systems help you win. You can be a great leader with a lot of...

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Avatar: a game changer

Most people I talk to really enjoyed this movie. I know that this movie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when you ask most people about what they thought, you get this wide-eyed response, “wow” it was...

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A new holiday classic?

Last night Sara and I watched “Prep and Landing.” It’s a fun Christmas show by Disney. I’m not really sure what it is though. Hulu says it’s Episode 1 of Season 1, but I’m not sure we’re...

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