fireFTP_iconIf you don’t manage a self-hosted website, you can probably ignore this App of the Week.

If you do, let me introduce you to my App of the Week, FireFTP. Most people I talk to use Filezilla as their FTP manager. It’s free and it’s good. I have a copy as well, but I’ve only used it once or twice in the past year, ever since I started using FireFTP.

FireFTP seems to do it all. At least, it does everything I need when it comes to managing files on multiple websites I run. What I like about FireFTP is that it’s not a separate application like Filezilla. It’s a Firefox plugin. I go up to the toolbar and select FireFTP and it opens a full featured FTP client within a tab on my browser. It’s great and I’ve had not complaints in the last year.

The only thing I’ll caution you about is as any Firefox plugin. At times Firefox will release a new update and not all plugins are up to date. This has been the case with FireFTP on more than one occasion. During these times I might use Filezilla or wait to update Firefox until I feel most my plugins are updated.

Screen shot 2010-02-28 at 12.01.04 AM