In the past ten day’s I’ve taught this class three times.

I wrote it out on a Saturday afternoon and taught it the next morning at our South Campus. I felt the information was good, but it came off a little flat. I had just one discussion question for people to interact with. After the first class, I added four more discussion questions, one after each of the four “essential parenting skills.” I also added some personal stories to add a little humor and liven things up. The second class was phenomenally better. This is the one I recorded in the video below. The discussion time was fairly active, but not as much as I woudl have liked. I finally taught the class one last time a week later. There were 21 parents present and the energy in the room was amazing. I was much more comfortable with the material and I had to cut the discussions short to keep us on track. It was by far the best child dedication class I’ve ever experienced. I’m looking forward to doing it again.

The video below is password protected. I told the parents in the video that I wouldn’t freely push this video all over You Tube. So, it’s locked down. however, if you’re reading it on this site, the password is: moistcookies

Prep for Child Dedication Class from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.