I’m just trying to gather a little bit of information. Tell me about how you dismiss kids and why you do the things you do, specifically with elementary. I know that what you do depends on how you check-in your kids, but I just want to know more about what everyone does.

Do parents come into the classroom to pick up their kids? Do they wait at the door and you bring their kids to them? How do you verify that the parent is authorized to pick up a child? Do you keep their name tag? Do they keep their name tag? Why?

What have you found to be most efficient? What have you found to be most secure?

I’m hoping to learn some things that you’re doing that can make my check-out/dismissal even better than it is right now. Don’t be shy, right out a long and detailed comment about what you’re doing. Everyone can learn something from anyone. Don’t make me call you a lurker!