I’m on a search for new check-in kiosks. A few months ago, we permanently moved our Middle School program to an are we call the Garage which is a great environment for the teens. To accomodate check-in, I just brought in two of the stations we weren’t using for kids. They’re nice looking kiosks (we use them all over the campus), but they have a serious design flaw. They’re made of laminated particle board. We just wheel them in and out of the Garage every Sunday, but going over the door frame and caused one of them to cave in already (another design flaw I’ve found… but I won’t go into details). So, I’m looking for new kiosks for the teens that looks good and is a little more rugged.

So, first of all, if you have some great check-in kiosk you’ve found, let me know. I’m still open to new ideas. Maybe you’re in the same places as me, so I’m going to share a few ideas of what I’ve found out there already. Lastly, I’m going to link to what I’m probably going to pick up at the end of the week, but my mind could be changed if someone lets me know of a better option.

Cornerstone Cabinetry

I wrote about these guys a few years ago. I think that they are associated with Granger Church in IN. We bought 3 of them at a past church I worked at and these were FANTASTIC. However, they we’re really expensive. Honestly, you get what you pay for. They were well made, they looked great and they were going to last a really long time. Read my post about them here. Visit their site here.

Build it Yourself Plans

Literally last week, I saw a tweet from James over at Help I’m A Children’s Pastor. He recently designed and built his own check-in station and it’s pretty cool looking. It feels very “Apple INC” in design. Although they wouldn’t really fit well in my building, they might be a good option for someone out there. James is a really creative guy and these are super sharp. Check out his post here.

From Your Local Sam’s Club

I was touring a local church 10 days ago (I’ll blog about that one later) and I came across some pretty cool kiosks for their Middle School space. They told me they got them from Sam’s Club. I went and they carried the entire line, but what they had at the church, Sam’s no longer carried. A little searching online, and I found them. Here’s a link. The front isn’t really all that impressive, but I figured that I might be able to dress that up a little… but I really like the carts. Honestly, what I like is the whole line of products from Seville Classics. I’m thinking of ordering the workbench for our media table as well as some of their stainless steel lockable cabinets on wheels.

So, that’s what I’m looking at right now. Anyone else got any ideas? I’d love to hear them!