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When one unpluggs – kinda

Last week I was on vacation with my family. Technically, I’m still on vacation, but just doing projects around the house which is nice. Last week I wrote that I was taking on a personal experience of unplugging. I’d like to share a little about how that went and the things I learned.

I’ll start with the truth. I didn’t do everything I said I was going to do. I was mostly unplugged, but not 100%. While I was gone, I did disconnect from facebook, twitter, instagram and email fully. I made 2-3 phone calls but I did send a handful of texts, but only to 3 people.

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Unplugged: a personal experiment

I’m pretty plugged in as far as connectivity is concerned. I’m pretty much addicted to my phone as is the rest of the country. So, I’m embarking on a little experiment this week. I’m unplugging. Hardcore. All the way.

I’m taking a nice two week vacation of Spring Break. The first week I’m taking the family to SW Texas. After speaking for a few days at a family camp in Rocksprings TX, we’re headed to Alpine, TX and Carlsbad, NM. I’ll have a second week of vacation at home where I’ll just rest and work on little projects around the house.

However, I decided that our trip out west is as good as anytime to attempt a media fast. There were several contributing factors:

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