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Yard work, new year resolutions, conferences and the end of the world

I know a good blogger isn’t supposed to write blog posts apologizing for not blogging more. Supposedly it’s tacky. I was just afraid that some of the CMO readers thought that one of my resolutions for this year is to blog less. Oh contraire. The honest truth. I was pretty sure the end of the world was coming, so I just lost all motivation to blog. Now that I know we’re safe, at least until the Choctaw apocalypse prediction of 2017, I should be much more active on the old blog!

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Week in review

This week past week was unbelieveably busy. Seriously, I can barely believe it all happened. Essentially I wrapped up our new volunteer handbook which included fine tuning our mission, strategy and values. Then on Tuesday night...

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Busy week

I think this is about the quietest I’ve been on the CMO blog since I came back in March. Sorry. I’ve got a whole bunch of posts swimming around in my head, I’m just saving them up! Actually, it’s been a...

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