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The birth of Kidmin

I’m always intrigued the origin of things. Why we say certain words or how names come about. What’s even more interesting is when you see the origin of something new right before your eyes. A handful of...

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Kidmin turns three!

Another year gone by already. Last year I wrote this post a few days after the #kidmin twitter hashtag turned two. Apparently no one celebrated the first birthday either. What a shame. So, being the infamous creator of #kidmin...

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Illuminate HashTag

Some people have credited me for creating the #kidmin twitter hashtag. I don’t claim sole credit, but I was involved. However, I am announcing a hashtag that I am claiming responsibility for (actually, that’s not the...

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Happy (belated) Birthday #Kidmin

It came and went and no body knew it. February 3rd was the 2nd birthday of #kidmin. We should be ashamed! Happy Belated Birthday Kidmin! People always seem to give me the credit for coming up with the hashtag. I was a part of...

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