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Easter Resources: Mini movies, videos and countdowns

Okay, Easter is only 26 days away now… you better get busy. Yesterday I shared a bunch of free (and links to high quality paid) graphics and slides to enhance your Easter experience. Today, I’d like to share some incredible media that could enhance your Easter services in a major way. The resources I’ve gathered below are from Worship House Media and Worship House Kids. There are literally hundreds of other resources on their respective sites. It’s a great time to be in ministry, so many great resources to choose from.

The Son Rose

Theatrical “trailer” for your Easter service. Very high energy, intense scoring and a good recap of the Easter story. Would be a great addition to an older elementary audience.

Son of Man

A very powerful and well animated wordless mini movie that recaps the final days of Jesus. The movie artistically connects events from Jesus’ ministry with the final moments before his crucifixion. I really love this video. It goes on to tell the story all the way until his ascension to heaven… but the video could probably be faded out if you wanted to end it with the resurrection.

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Video displays in lobby space

Environments matter. Anyone who tells you otherwise… probably has a crappy environment. Ha! I couldn’t resist.

I’m actually doing what I can to improve our current environments. Last year we were hoping to do a 1-1.5 million dollar remodel, but things didn’t play out the way we wanted to. I had a little extra money I didn’t use on some staff positions, so I’m doing some work on our environments because they are in need of attention. Our building is 8 years old and it’s starting to look a little tired. I’ll write more about some of the things we’ve done later, but I had to throw a question out to the audience. I’m in need of some help from those who have some experience in this area.

I had a good friend come visit last may and I asked him for an honest evaluation. Standing in the middle of my ministry lobby he spread his arms around indicating his surroundings and said, “You live in a high tech digital city, yet you’re doing ministry in an analog building.” Wow, so true. So many at our church work at Dell, Apple, Google and about every other tech start-up you can imagine. It seems that if that is a part of our audience, a somewhat digital environment would appeal to this part of our community.

So, I’m 5-6 months out from this project, but I’m trying to do the research now.

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Good Friday resources: Where are they?

It seems that there really isn’t any shortage of Easter resources. From curriculum, video, and other needs, you can find just about anything you’re looking for. But that’s not true of Good Friday. It appears that most resources seem to lump all of Good Friday and Easter into one package, but the Good Friday stuff really can’t stand on it’s own. With more churches offering Good Friday services, events and experiences, the need for stuff specific to Good Friday has increased.

At Gateway we’re doing a very interesting and unique (unique to us) experience for Good Friday which I’ll write about later. We’re putting together a family experience around around Good Friday and we really had a difficult time finding what we were looking for. With what we did find, it was hard to find something that wasn’t too bloody and something that wasn’t too cheesy.

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Legal usage of kidmin resources

Earlier this week I reviewed a new Easter Resource by God’s Kids Worship (in case you forgot, I’m giving one away this week too… check here for details) and it prompted a very interesting thought. As a part of...

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Bethlehem Star

The other night, my father-in-law introduced me to the most amazing video. It’s called the Star of Bethlehem. WOW! He meant to bring his copy of the DVD, but amazingly we found it on Amazon and watch the entire video...

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iPhone 4

I was very please to get home from Colorado last night with a package waiting for me on the kitchen counter… my much awaited iPhone 4. A few weeks ago I upgraded my 3G to iPhone4 software and I’ve been regretting it...

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Review: Kodak PlaySport

So, I want to tell you about the best electronic purchase I made this summer. A few years ago I bought a little flip mino, before they had the HD version. I was pretty impressed and I used it a lot… that summer. Since then...

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