Baby dedications are a great way to emphasize the importance of family and introduce new parents to your kid’s ministry. Baby Dedication Prayers and blessings are a key part of the celebration.

Maybe it’s your first baby dedication service, or you’re just looking for new prayers to include in your services. Either way, we know it can be easy to get stuck using the same prayers and blessings every time. To help you out, we collected some options for you to use.

All of these prayers and blessings come directly from scripture verses. They’re all great alternatives to the prayers and blessings you may be using often. 

Short Baby Dedication Prayers and Blessings

Dear Lord, we thank You for this precious gift – this beautiful child whom we dedicate to you today. Behold, children are a gift that comes from You, the fruit of the womb is indeed a reward! Lord, we pray that You protect this innocent gift that You have given us. We declare that the plans of the enemy to seek, kill and destroy this child shall not come to pass, in Jesus’ name. This child is a blessing and will grow to be a blessing to those around them, Amen.

Psalm 127:3

Righteous Father, we rejoice for the life of this baby! Thank You for blessing us with such a precious gift. I pray that You surround this child with good things so that this child may grow in Your will and Your ways. I pray for this baby’s parents and guardians, fill them with wisdom so that they may train this baby in the way that he/she should go so that even when he/she is old, he/she will not depart from it, Amen.

Proverbs 22:6

Eternal God, many have prayed for this child, and You gave us the petition that we asked of You. You heard our prayers and brought this child into our lives. Therefore, we choose to dedicate this child to You today, because as long as this child lives, he/she will be dedicated to You. This child belongs not to us so please have Your divine way in his/her life, thank You, Lord, Amen.

1 Samuel 27-28

Father, I thank You for this precious life that You have blessed us with! We take this beloved life in our arms right now and bless it, laying our hands on it. We proclaim blessings over this baby’s life for this child belongs to You! Father, please keep this baby from harm’s way, let the plans that You have that give this baby a future and a hope come to fruition, Amen.

Mark 10:16 & Jeremiah 29:11

God of Love, I declare that Your love and Your peace will surround this baby for the rest of their days. We will not hinder this baby from coming to You because the kingdom of heaven belongs to us, according to Your will. Lord, even the youth shall inherit the kingdom! I thank You for this baby, I pray that this baby will grow to whole-heartedly seek You so that he/she may find eternal peace in Your heavenly kingdom, Amen.

Matthew 19:14

Longer Baby Dedication Prayers and Blessings

Dear Lord, we thank you for the gift that is this child. Thank you for this baby’s parents that recognize the importance of raising a child in Your House. We come into agreement that this baby will live a life fully devoted to You. Our prayer is that this dedication will continue throughout this baby’s life, and that he or she would grow to have a heart that’s entirely dedicated to You and Your Kingdom. 

I declare that this dedication won’t be fleeting or temporary, but that it would be a lifelong devotion to You and Your Word. As a church, we come against anything that the enemy may use to try to derail or distract this baby. In the Name of Jesus, we believe that there will be nothing that takes away from the lifelong love that this child will have for You. 

We thank you in advance for the peace and fulfillment that this baby will grow to find from a life devoted to You. Amen.

Psalm 145:1

Father God, we know that you are a transformative God. You alone have the power to make old things new. We thank You for this baby, and for this baby’s parents that have chosen to dedicate their child’s life to You. As we come together in prayer, we ask that You would give this baby a heart for You. As this baby grows older, transform his or her heart into a heart that knows You alone are Lord. 

We believe that this child will call himself or herself Yours from the start. We ask for a heart that is wholly Yours, and that nothing can change that. For this baby’s whole life, give him or her a pure heart that seeks You and calls himself or herself Your child.

Thank you for being a God full of grace, always welcoming us in and calling us Your people. Thank you that this child will experience the full blessing of this in his or her lifetime. Amen.

Jeremiah 24:7

God, our Shepherd, thank you for this baby. Thank you for loving parents that prioritize a life spent with You. We know and love Your voice, and ask that this baby would, too. As he or she grows up, we ask that You would give him or her a sensitivity to Your voice. We declare that Your voice will be recognizable to this child, even when it comes in a still, small whisper. 

Thank you for the gift of eternal life that You give us. We are declaring and believing today that this baby will accept that gift and spend an eternity with You. Thank you for being a protector. We believe that You will protect this baby and that there will be nothing able to snatch him or her out of Your hand.

Thank you for the peace that comes from a life spent with You. We declare that this child has a life filled with that peace and lives a life spent listening to Your voice. Amen.

John 10:27-28

Heavenly Father, we’re coming before You today to give thanks for this child and to dedicate his or her life to You. Life is a gift from You, and we’re grateful for this gift. We ask that You bless this child’s parents that recognize the importance of raising a child in a way that honors and glorifies You.

We ask that this baby would live a life that brings glory to Your kingdom. In everything that he or she does, we’re believing that You would be at the forefront. Whatever Your plan is for this child’s life, we believe that You will equip him or her with everything necessary to glorify You. Our collective prayer is that this baby’s life would be a beacon of light in the world, always pointing others back to You. Amen. 

1 Corinthians 10:31

“And he said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’” 

Lord God, we love you. It’s a privilege to come before you, and today is no exception. Thank you for this baby’s life, and for the lives of his or her parents. We know that You honor their commitment to raising a child in Your ways.

Our prayer is that this baby grow to love You with all his or her heart, soul, and mind. We are declaring a life wholly devoted to love of You. Thank you in advance for this baby growing in love for You every day of his or her life. We pray that his or her relationship with You will always be a priority, and that You bless him or her for this.

Thank you for the gift of a relationship with You. We’re declaring that this baby experiences that gift in full, living a life full of love for You. Amen.

Matthew 22:37

In Conclusion

When planning a baby dedication prayer at your church, the most important thing is to make it genuine and personal.

Off the cuff, right now, what would you pray over families who were dedicating their children? What do you want for them? What would you ask God for on their behalf? How would you pray it naturally?

Just pray that.