Quick question for those of you in the community. I’ve got another child dedication coming up in a few weeks. In the past we’ve given out gift bibles to the kids. We pay $6-8 per Bible. I’m re-thinking this. This $6-8 Bible is not a children’s Bible, so it’s likely to sit on a shelf somewhere for a decade or more before it’s ever really used. Seems like a waste to me. I’m thinking about giving every parent the book, Revolutionary Parenting. I know that every parent wont read it, but at least I know that if they did, it would challenge them to the core of what it means to spiritually lead kids.

So, what do you give to your kids/families? If you could change what you gave (I know some have their hands tied), what would it be?

(By the way, I am kidding about the picture. For the record, I’ve never given away a precious moments gift Bible.)