Eight years ago, Gateway Church opened the doors in NW Austin to a new facility which included a kid’s ministry building. The ministry “Kids Quest” had an “explorers/adventure” theme which was expressed throughout the building through many murals and 3D features. The centerpiece of our theme was expressed through our check-in/welcome area boat. It’s very impressive. This boat was custom built as a check-in desk that could be manned by 4-5 volunteers and contains an incredible amount of storage in all the cabinets below the counters.

Well, we’re doing some theme modifications and changing up our lobby to better match where we’re headed in the future and the future doesn’t include a giant boat. Which means – we’ve got a giant boat for sale.

This boat cost over $30K to build – think custom cabinets on an epic scale. It’s available for a fraction of that cost. Seriously, this is the deal of the century and I know there’s a church out there that could use this for their check-in center or maybe even a preschool check-in desk. So, let’s talk about what I’m trying to see happen.

My contractor quoted me $1500 in labor to remove the boat in such a way that it can be salvaged. Money is very tight on the lobby remodel we’re doing and it’s not worth me trying to salvage this boat. However, it seems like an incredible waste to throw it away in a million tiny pieces. So, I listed the boat on ebay. Someone can buy it right now for $5,000, but the current bid is only $500. Yes, someone could actually purchase this thing for $500. The only catch is that whoever buys it has to remove it (or they can pay my contractor to remove it – we can talk specifics if that’s the option you’re interested in). The buyer will also need to come get it.

So, do you need a boat? This could be a game-changer for your environment for very little money comparatively speaking.

Fill out my contact form if you have questions or even place your bid on the auction if you want to buy it!

boat-2 boat-3 boat-4 boat-5 boat-6 boat