Since I left Orange a few days ago, I’ve been traveling from Atlanta to Austin. Now my wife, my 11 month old boy and 70 pound chocolate lab are settled in an Extended Stay in Austin as I’m now up in Dallas, TX. Yesterday was my first official day as the Next Generation Pastor at Gateway Community Church in Austin, TX. I spent the Sunday morning at both the South and North Campuses just checking things out and getting a feel of what is going on. After church, we drove around for several hours looking at neighborhoods (we really don’t want to make our Extended Stay visit extended). Lastly, we wrapped up the day with a leadership community meeting at the church with the Children’s Ministry volunteers.

This morning I took off for a two day gathering in Dallas, Texas. Eleven or so churches are gathering for the Texas Larch Church Forum where other large, like-minded churches will discuss issues, successes and strategies in a variety of ministries and departments. So, it should be a great time to get to know members from my team as well as connect with others in my area of ministry.

I should have some time to catch up on a couple of posts I’ve been meaning to write. I posted like crazy during Orange and I’d like to write some closing thoughts about Orange. Good stuff!