Just yesterday I’ve come across the Seeds website. What a great resource for those of us in ministry. The creative minds at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma have established a site where they post resources they’ve used and a very informative blog on how they do a lot of the stuff they do. What has interested me the most is seeing the transformation Church on the Move has gone through. I attended COTM over 10 years ago when I first got to Tulsa for college. From looking at the videos, I’ve seen how they’ve adapted to reach their culture. There are a lot of familiar things, but they’ve used the creative resources they’ve always been known for applied them to new methods of ministering to the culture.

Seeds is filled with videos, music, documents and other resources you can either use immediately or use as a creative diving board to something unique to your church. What I think I like the most is the blog as it contains tips for shooting video, recording and editing interviews and other great things like that. It’s a lot like what Life Church offers through open, but less about specific series and more about ideas. It’s different, but good. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.