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What you can do now!

For days now you’ve read my posts that have been building a case for a new way of thinking about missions. Maybe there are some of you who who learned something you didn’t know before. Maybe some of you desire to...

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The 4-14 Window

As I wrote yesterday, I first learned of the 10-40 Window almost 20 years ago. However, about 4-5 years ago I began hearing about another window. It was the 4-14 window. Huh? Was this an even more specific area where even less...

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Unchurched vs. Unreached

On Monday I wrote a post about why I’m a missions snob. I think that the post is fairly informative and points to a real problem when it comes to world missions. Our efforts are grossly unbalanced. Since I’m...

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Why I’m a missions snob

I am what I am and I’m not ashamed. If you ask me, “So Kenny, what do you think about missions,” be prepared for some very strong opinions. You’ll certainly get more than you bargained for. Yes, I’m...

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Ensenada reflections

The day after arriving home from our trip to Ensenada Mexico, I sent an email to the entire team. That meant sending it to all the volunteers and parents to make sure that everyone got it. I wanted to encourage everyone as well...

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