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Camp Promo Card

We’re currently about 5 months away from summer camp. Woo hoo! Our registration goes live this week, so we designed a promo postcard pointing people to the website (which isn’t quite done yet) so they could get all...

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Huge Promotion for Orange 2010!

Okay, if you’ve been thinking about going to Orange this year, now’s the time to start making up your mind. Actually, this sweet deal might make it for you. In case you didn’t know, registration prices have...

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Crazy Christmas Countdown Review

Back in the Fall we experienced some lower than normal numbers that have been attributed to the flu that was so widespread. To say that we had lower than normal numbers was an understatement. We had over 300 kids who...

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Flu Followup

Several weeks ago I wrote this post asking if others have taken a bigger than normal attendance hit in October. The overwhelming response was “YES!” Of the dozen of people I heard from, all but one or two saw a...

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What’s your promotion strategy?

Promotion Sunday is almost upon us. When do you promote? How do you promote? How do you communicate promotions to your parents? John Saddington works at North Point, but he wrote about his experience as a dad. Click here to see...

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