I was going to not say anything about this until a few months from now in case we choose to play this in Nashville, but I’m starting to see several other posts about playing Angry Birds in Kidmin. I figured I might as well share my recent Angry Birds experience with you.

First of all, I’ll give credit where credit is due. I take no responsibility for incorporating Angry Birds into one of our General Sessions at Illuminate. My staff really wanted to do it and honestly, I discouraged it. It looked expensive and like a lot of work (and we didn’t have the money or the time). However, they insisted and they pulled it off (now I’m glad they did). Secondly, they didn’t come up with the live version of Angry Birds either. Corey, my Kid’s Pastor at Gateway’s South Campus came across the Shine Middles School site with great video and PDF instructions on creating the game.

When I saw what they put together, I was blown away. The birds looked incredible and when we started playing the angry birds music on stage, people went wild. We had no problem finding volunteers to play.

Below are some pictures of our version of Angry Birds. I’ve also included a link to Shine and their stuff (as well as a great video).

Shine’s website
Angry Bird Instructions

Also, here is another post of a different version of Angry Birds you can create for your Kidmin.